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Artsy Smartsy, LLC

Tina Marie Ferguson, Owner, Chief Artsy Smartsy

Phone: 651-334-3997

Arizona Mailing Address:

PO Box #10723

Scottsdale, AZ 85271

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Thank You!!

Donating Art materials can change the lives of our aging community!! Artsy Smartsy aims to provide inexpensive FINE Art classes to senior citizens who have very limited incomes. I try to bring in QUALITY art projects which our seniors can be PROUD to call THEIRS! They will want to display their works and give them as gifts. This goal requires that we use HIGH quality materials each and every class!  

With this goal in mind, we also are aware of "Saving the Earth" and will try to reuse, reduce and recycle where at all possible.  I try to RR&R whenever possible, especially when creating Art!  All of our ART projects have some level of Recycling, Reusing or Reducing .

If you would consider donating any of your used craft materials to Artsy Smartsy we would greatly appreciate it!!

We want to thank everyone who has found treasures for US while cleaning out their craft room, while moving their aging parent to a smaller home, or people who do ART as their business and have donated thier products to benefit our cause!  There are Soooo many of you, and we couldn't do it without you!


Our current project needs:

  • Large plastic storage tubs
  • Sculpty III- christmas colors, blues and silvers too
  • pasta machine for clay processing-used ok
  • toaster oven for clay processing-used ok
  •  8" round glass trivets
  • Weldbond adhesive-Hardware store or Michaels(Cheapest on in gallon)
  • Sturdy metal wire shelving, used ok
  • Torch for metal & glass work
  • Fake birds/crows prefered
  • Porclain or plastic dolls or just limbs & heads of all sizes
  • Colored stained glass smalti for mosaics
  • Wood frames,mirrors or flat wood boards
  • Canvas or canvas board
  • Glass vaces-older and uglier the better!
  • Mod Podge Glue-any color or sheen
  • 1" disposable Foam brushes
  • Felting: wool roaving & replacement needles

    Other items which could be used,  not in any particular order:

    1. Lace, fabric, tea stained brown and old OK
    2. Encaustic Wax AND MATERIALS
    3. Gilding, Gold & Silver leaf
    4. Coins-fake or tokens OK
    5. Leather & Suede  remenants of all sizes, small OK
    6. Miniature misc. colorful objects
    7. Glitter Glues  
    8. Handmade Papers     
    9. Wire Mesh or screen for paper making
    10. Game Pieces: Letters, Dominoes, chess pieces, bingo, game boards
    11. Metal Tags
    12. Vintage Shipping Tags/Labels
    13. Tiny Locks & keys 
    14. Netting or burlap
    15. Buttons-The older the better!
    16. Stamping ink pads, stamp cleaner
    17. Paints :Acrylic, watercolor, tempera
    18. Stenciling paint pencils
    19. Ribbon ,Wire
    20. Charms           
    21. Beads, Glass Rocks, Small Gem Stones, Marbles
    22. Eyelets  & Brads
    23. Typewriter Parts and Keys
    24. Washers  and eyehooks and keychain parts
    25. Jewelry: Chunks of old, broken stained and rusted OK
    26. Vintage bus tickets, maps, report cards, luggage tags, time cards, paper dolls,postcard
    27. Glass or plastic slides
    28. Vintage Menus
    29. Love Letters
    30. Gum Wrappers, colored foil candy wrappers
    31. Gift Tags
    32. Shrink It Plastic & Gun
    33. Shrinky dinks
    34. Canvas rolls
    35. Transparencies
    36. Chalks
    37. Colored Pencils
    38. Tissue Paper-wrinkled OK, all colors and textures
    39. Polymer Clay, old OK!!
    40. Corks
    41. Doilies
    42. Beans & seeds
    43. Glass tiles, broken OK
    44. TShirts or stretchy fabric
    45. Iron-ons
    46. Stickers
    47. Paper flowers or card making ephemera