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This is in regards to the Artsy Smarty Art program. If we could rate the  Artsy Smarty Art program on a scale from 1-5 we would give it a 5 if 5 is considered excellent. Some of the Residents were a little apprehensive at first but after seeing what they could do was encouraging them to continue. Residents enjoyed and looked forward to future classes. And most of all Tina made it fun to come to class! Residents were encouraged and able to use their own creativity during each project. It was also great to get out in the community to see their work on display. The Residents and the staff would hope to do this again in the future."Julie Berg, Activities coordinator Benedictine

"Artsy Aging Grant was fantastic for all of our clients, they really looked forward to their project’s and seeing them finished. On a scale from one to ten I would give the overall experience an 8.. the teachers were very professional and always willing to help and adjust locations when needed, Tina was a great teacher and very creative. I feel our participants gained a lot of self esteem by creating art they never thought they could do and seeing, the finished project always brought smiles to their faces. Since we were joined by the assisted living a lot of new friendships were formed. The over all experience was very positive for everyone who was involved.  Open circle would be interested in having artsy aging back. When a couple of our ladies went to the art show at the end to see their projects on display, the whole way home they talked about how much fun they had and what a great time they had. All of the students still talk about the projects they made and love to show others along with their families what they created!!"-Abbey Driscoll

 "We, as staff, were delighted that so many residents who don’t participate in other activities chose to be a part of the Artsy Ageing Grant classes. Several people who didn’t know each other beforehand created bonds with one another and looked forward to socializing as much as making art. We heard comments from participants that they were impressed with the results after completing a project." Kristen Achinson

 "One of our residents popped her head in at a class without intending to work on something. Her friends and Tina encouraged her to sit down just to see what people were working on. Eventually she did make a project of her own and couldn’t wait to come to the remaining classes. Tina’s openness, energy and reaching out really helped to connect with this resident- what a life changing experience!"-Andrea Erickson


"Tina, I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your services! I don't consider myself very creative-- I like to putz around with things like scrapbooking, jewelry, etc., but I am definitely not any good. I'm so glad to be able to have someone like you come in and teach the residents. You are just a delight and you always have the residents laughing and you make sure that they have a great time! You Rock!!!!"  -Jenni Todd, Activities Coordinator @ The Timbers, Prespyterian Homes of InverGrove Heights.

“What you are doing through Artsy Smartsy for seniors is incredible and deserves to succeed just on it’s own, apart from you – but then throw you into the mix with your dynamic personality, your compassion and obvious deep affection for seniors, not to mention your depth of knowledge on art, along with your determination to make it all work and your organizational / marketing skills combined with your professionalism and I just don’t see how anyone could deny you!!!”-Dawn Pallazo, Scandia Shores Senior Community Activities Director

" All of our residents that participate in  Artsy Smartsy class with Tina enjoy the variety of crafts and home décor that they make and share with others.  Tina’s gift of working with individuals allows her to converse with each participant on a one- on- one basis.  The crafts are fun, challenging and attractive to all of our residents from the Memory Care community, to our Assisted Living residents.  We look forward to her coming each month and sharing her artistic talent."  - Catoya Clausell @ Copperfield Hill-Independent Living

 "Our memory care residents have been thrilled to have Tina bring her art teaching abilities to us at Prairie Lodge!  She has a special ability to work with our residents who have cognitive deficits and bring out amazing talent.  She engages and empowers them to create.  Her art classes enhance their mood, encourage their ability, and leave them with tangible evidence of accomplishment!"  Thanks Tina! –Dani Nicholson, Ecumen Prairie Lodge-Memory Care

"Don’t hesitate to let me know if there is anything that I can help you with – you are providing such a great service to so many folks that really need it!!! It is truly a therapeutic modality who’s time has come!!!"  Dawn Pallazo, Scandia Shores

"Our residents call (activities director)often asking what we will be doing next and when Artsy Smartsy will be coming again! One specific resident has been very involved in the class and she usually does not do many more activities than the art class." Anonymous Client

"In our memory care, Tina is very engaging with our residents and they enjoy being in her company. While she is leading, we have much less wandering." Anonymous Client

 "We have been immensely impressed with the Artsy Smartsy classes and Tina's ability to bring joy to our residents in addition to creating beautiful works of art” Anonymous Client

“Our organization actually has a foundation that writes grants. I would be more than willing to facilitate that interaction in order to create more opportunities with Art and our residents.” Anonymous Client

 "Tina's enthusiasm is contagious! Our monthly Artsy Smartsy sessions are filled with laughter and joy as our seniors explore their inner creativity. Even those with limited vision or dexterity can feel a sense of accomplishment in their final "work of art".-Carol Torgerson, Rosepointe Independent Living Apartments

"Our residents adore Tina and her art class, she is so organized, vivacious and creative!  I just have to say the "Artsy Smartsy" lady is here and the room fills up!   The residents always proudly show off their projects after class. There is nothing like what Tina provides in the city, she is worth every penny!" Megan Mulder , Jones Harrison Assisted Living.

“Feedback from all 25 students and volunteers and other staff in our building (about today's class) was phenomenal…THEY LOVED YOU & ARTSY SMARTSY!! All 3 volunteers want to keep volunteering for your classes and all 25 students who were there yesterday want to come each and every month and they have told other residents who weren’t there yesterday – now all those people want to come to the next class!!  WOW!!"-Dawn Pallazo, Scandia Shores

" Tina, he group had a wonderful time.  Our manager, Patty, is so supportive of the Creative Arts idea and is pumping people up for it all the time, would you believe all our vases are out on display in the big lobby case!  The class stimulated lots of discussion and appreciation.  Several of us are collecting our own favorite things to put in our boxes(for "Our favorite things". Looking forward to the next class.  Thanks a million.  " Joan, resident at ValleyView Coop.

“Our residents always question their artistic ability, but the simple steps and directions shows them they can do it!  Thanks Tina", Anonymous Client

"We have residents AND STAFF excited to come to class each month. They display their works in their apartments and talk about their experience from week to week. They ask when Artsy Smartsy is coming back." Anonymous Client

“Our families, in particular, have been impressed by the art that has been produced by their loved ones. I am continually amazed at the abilities brought out during each session.” Anonymous Client