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Welcome to Artsy Smartsy!


Call us today to book your holiday Arty Party! We come to you with a fun lesson specifically designed for YOU!!

Artsy Smartsy provides AFFORDABLE Communty Art Classes, Private Art Classes, Art Parties and Large Art Events in all mediums for students 5-105 years old!

1. We specialize in teaching Senior Art Classes in different art mediums every month.  Our community group classes or private "one-on-one" classes, are focused on providing a healthy creative outlet which promotes self esteem, self confidence, creativity and relationship building in seniors of all ages and abilities.  This is a fun, relaxing event where everyone leaves with a masterpiece!

2.An Arty Party is two hours of Arty fun for everyone! These private parties are great for Holidays, Birthdays, Bachlorettes, Girl Scout groups, Team Buildings, Community Events or any reason at all. We bring everything and even come to your home or office!

3. Artsy Smartsy Wine glass and Art classes! We pick the lesson, provide venue & materials and you just show up with your drink of choice, snacks, friends and a lot of creativity! It's a 2 hour event filled with art, laughs, music and so much fun! This will be coming soon to a Arizona loction near you!  You have to email us to be on the mailing list for classes!

4. Corporate ART Trainings for CEU's!  Tina has had almost five years of experience specifically educating seniors in fine Art history and mediums. She also has spent many hours researching Dr. Gene Kohen, who's studies have proven that art has a positive impact on the brains of Seniors!  She now speaks to groups of activity directors, marketing directors, in home care providers, and senior communities staff to bring her creative knowledge to your employees. With the information she provides, your staff, your coworkers and yourself can bring these very easy simple seven steps of creativity and art making to ANY senior of ANY ability! There is a secret, she will show you what that secret is! There is also a book in the making on this subject...stay tuned!



See our 2009 Interview, we have come such a long way!

Artsy Smartsy began in 2009 in the basement activities room of Chandler Place Assisted Living, in St. Anthony Villiage, MN for Dolly Ferguson,( Tina, our owner's, late grandmother)and her senior home neighbors. It was a way to encourage her to meet new friends and also to help Dolly continue her joyful life and inspire her creativity after her husband Huberts' sudden and unexpected passing.

Today, Artsy Smartsy provides high quality and fantastically fun art classes to over 500 seniors EACH MONTH in both Arizona and Minnesota!  The program, which is the first and only one of its kind in these areas, travels as an outreach program to Senior Communities and Co-op's, Independent or Assisted Living, Memory Care Residences, Adult Day Programs, Senior Community Centers and Library systems.  We have provided community activities at local Art Fairs and Festivals and teach weekly at private institutions such as SCAN Healthcare in AZ and Park Nicollet Strother's Parkinsons Hospital in MN.

The art mediums taught each month vary wildly to attract people of ALL interests.  Some mediums include; watercolors, acrylics, oil pastel resist paintings, mosaic mirrors & bottles & stepping stones, jewlery making, paper making and multi-media collage to fine fabric projects such as weaving and wreaths making. Artsy Smartsy aims to provide inexpensive FINE art classes to any and every one, even those underserved adults who have very limited incomes. We bring in QUALITY art projects which the students can be PROUD to call their own! They will want to display their works and give them as gifts. This goal requires the use of HIGH quality materials at each and every class!