Why choose Artsy Smartsy?

We are highly trained Fine Artists!


As fine artists, each month we teach FINE ART TECHNIQUES in different mediums such as Painting, Mosaics, Jewelry, Decopage, Felting, Weaving, Spin Art, PaperMaking, Printmaking, Family Tree Making, Stenciling, Lamp Making, fabric arts and so much more! 

We only use the highest quality canvas, brushes, paints, stencils, equiptment, papers, substrates, glues and ephemera for all of our arts lessons. Great art is made with appropriate techniques and Great materials! 

Art History is for EVERYONE!


Not everyone may be an artist, but everyone loves listening to the fun, interesting and sometimes wacky history that we share about our daily lesson! It’s like two activities in one!

Our classrooms are sometimes lined with participants just there for the trivia about the technique and famous artists of the day! Van Gogh, Monet, Dali, Tiffany, Banksy, Britto,  Grandma Moses, O'Keefe...you name it, we have a lesson for it, and our highly animated and entertaining teachers will make this anything BUT a boring art history lesson! 

We do the work FOR YOU!


Great arts programming takes a lot of time! Lesson planning, smart shopping, material prepping, sample making, trial and error, beautiful fliers for marketing, and so much more! Leave it all to us! 

Our professional staff spends dozens of hours each month before we even get to you so that it’s all done RIGHT the first time! All you have to do is relax, and enjoy your residents, you BOTH deserve that! 



Sheila Sheppard recommends Artsy Smartsy

Artsy Smartsy is the best!! Tina’s work is always so creative and she shares so much insight with each project she teaches!! Tina’s classes are top notch because she loves lifting people’s spirits and each class comes with much love and respect!! 

Highly recommended for loads of fun, creativity and laughter!

5 stars!!

JessIe Reuther-Tiede recommends Artsy Smartsy

Wow! I love this biz! Making art accessible and unintimidating. Teachers are so helpful and fun! All skill sets can be at these classes. Love love!

Evelyn Snyder recommends Artsy Smartsy

Tina is an absolute blast. She is the type of person who lights up the room, and she just oozes creativity and love for people. Every Artsy Smartsy Event I have witnessed is an inspiration for everybody involved and a great success. I can highly recommend her for any organization who wants to do something creative & have fun. Art connects people - especially with Tina!!!

Tiffany Wilkinson recommends Artsy Smartsy

Artsy Smartsy is amazing! They provide exceptional arts education and programming to individuals with disabilities, the aging population, and even at risk youth. It is an incredible business with standup values and core beliefs. I highly recommend using Artsy Smartsy ( Tina Marie Ferguson ) if you need programming and work with the populations they serve. And Tina is the best, kind, caring, and a professional. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and supporting your amazing business and nonprofit. You impact so many lives positively. MN and AZ are lucky to have you!

Betsy Brown recommends Artsy Smartsy

Tina is incredible! Not just with Seniors, but artists of all ages! I had an Artsy Birthday party with Tina and my friends are still raving about her. She brought out the artist in all of us! We had four hours of fun and laughter until our sides hurt. Tina is so much fun, and so unbelievably creative! You must use Artsy Smarty for your creativity needs!

Kathy Kittleson recommends Artsy Smartsy

Love Tina's exuberance and love for all the seniors, who love her right back.  I have seen the joy on the faces of those who were sure they weren't creative. then went on to accomplish a project worthy of praise.  Never have I seen  anything to compare with the classes done by Artsy Smartsy!  Tenderness, love and compassion are wonderful traits of all the teachers.

Everyone is unique!

Check out this great video with my sweet student and friend in Minnesota! We’ve been making videos together for 5 years now and she just loves our classes! 

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Artsy Smartsy teaches students age 6-106. While we do birthday party’s, bachelorette parties, holiday classes, showers, girls nights out art events, team buildings, trainings, corporate events and so many more, our hearts are drawn to those over 55!

Tina started Artsy Smartsy 10 years ago for her own grandmother and now we teach over 600 seniors/month. Our team specialize in the patience & care to help those suffering with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s Disease create FINE ART masterpieces! 

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Contact Tina Marie Ferguson today at: (651) 334-3997 Tina @ArtsySmartsyCLASS.com

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